The Eagle Has Landed

We agree that serial number 1 is possibly a little ugly, but after a break in the rain, the team deployed WaggleOne out in the inhospitable Chicago-area weather. We should have test data tomorrow. We are rapidly preparing more deployments. We may also look to improve WaggleOne’s curb-side appeal… Stay tuned. The Chicago Array of […]

Up on the Rooftop

Close… oh so close to having a Waggle WxSeNet node up on the roof at building 240!   Rajesh has been working the building management bureaucracy and slowly making progress… working planning, safety, etc. Of course Rajesh, the ultimate hacker, would do all the work himself if he were allowed, but the company managing TCS performs […]

Preparing for our first deployment

The team has been working long hours this summer preparing the waggle system for deployment outside in the harsh Chicago-land winter.  The School of the Art Institute has been designing the case and mounting equipment for the Array of Things project in Chicago.  Their designs look fantastic, since the Array of Things project is also […]