Up on the Rooftop

Close… oh so close to having a Waggle WxSeNet node up on the roof at building 240!   Rajesh has been working the building management bureaucracy and slowly making progress… working planning, safety, etc.

Of course Rajesh, the ultimate hacker, would do all the work himself if he were allowed, but the company managing TCS performs these sorts of things.  Here is the work order.  Maybe tomorrow we will go live!

Building 240, the Theory and Computing Science (TCS) building at Argonne National Laboratory.
Building 240, the Theory and Computing Science (TCS) building at Argonne National Laboratory.

Work Order to Install a Waggle

A. Cable install: All of this needs to be done in the mechanical space. {30-45 min of access.}
1. Remounting a previously installed lightning protection device in the controlled access engineering space in Bldg 240. This device will be remounted on the wall using the mounting screws that are left behind from its previous installation. No new drilling or mounting brackets are required.2. Connecting the network cable from the roof which is currently terminated in the engineering/mechanical space where the protection device will be mounted.

3. Running a network patch cable to the lightning protection device from a co-located existing network port.
4. Running a ground wire to the body of the lightning protection device. This wire has already been installed appropriately as part of the camera work, and has to be reconnected to the body of the lightning protector.
5. A quick test on the roof-top endpoint of the Ethernet cable to verify the installation work in the mechanical space.
B. Roof access for device installation: {15-30 min of access.}
1. We have made some changes to the mount per the engineer’s request. We will show the new designs and options to the engineer. Once approved, we can put the device on the roof.
2. A 30 min access to the roof to position the device, connect networking and run a few quick tests.