Default Sensors

Waggle is a modular architecture.  Components can be added or removed from the core architecture.  Still, it is very useful to have a basic, inexpensive sensor board that everyone can get started with.

Our basic Waggle kit comes with our custom EnvSense V1.0 board which we put into production in November of 2014.  There are many redundant sensors on the board, but that’s because we are still evaluating the precision, accuracy, and reliability of the sensors in the harsh Chicago climate.  Moreover, the sensors are inexpensive, so having a couple extra lets us improve the data stream.

The board currently reports 33 different values measuring these physical attributes:

  • Barometric Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Ambient Light
  • Humidity
  • Acceleration
  • Vibration
  • Remote Surface Temperature (4×4 pixel infrared)
  • Sound level
  • Magnetometer
Waggle EnvSense V1.0 Nov-2014 board
Waggle EnvSense V1.0 Nov-2014 board